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Name:Isaac Michael Chambers
Cheat Sheet:

Species - Human

Skills - Ambidextrous; can function on very sleep; highly proficient with weaponry.

Age - 35

Originally From - Atlanta, Georgia

Current Residence - Las Vegas

Career - Hunter for hire

Religion - Atheist

Important Background Tidbits - War veteran; not particularly close to his family; was once married; hunter; doesn't really have anywhere he considers home; straight; suffered a loss he has yet to recover from; connections to the Council.

Personality Traits - No nonsense; blunt; sometimes too blunt; matter of fact; realist; has trouble expressing how he feels; fairly quiet; quick thinking; unforgiving; possessive; quick to anger; was once very black and white about things, but is now more grey; takes risks; honest; unrelenting; determined; struggles with developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships; his own worst enemy.

PB - Karl Urban

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